CardioX AI

is a network based platform that’s designed to perform complex analysis of users’ cardiovascular health.

It is comprised of the following elements:

  • Machine learning algorithms that allow to determine blood pressure based on a 10 second ECG interval.
  • Programming interface/API built to obtain health parameters, such as ECG, HR and more, from third party activity tracking devices.
  • Server program that processes and unifies all collected health parameters for further analysis.
  • Secure cloud database that stores all acquired data.
  • Mobile Application designed for end users to view and share their health parameters on the fly.

Initially, the main purpose of CardioX AI is to provide preliminary assessment of users’ cardiovascular health based on the ECG and HR data received from external activity tracking devices, such as sport watches and ECG monitors from leading manufacturers on the market. Additionally, CardioX AI estimates real time blood pressure reading by utilizing machine learning algorithms that analyze a short ECG interval.

CardioX AI can be widely used not only by regular consumers, but also by health professionals in their daily practice.

Our application is designed for end user to obtain information about their cardiovascular health based on the ECG interval:

  • Blood pressure reading and its dynamics
  • Any detected cardiovascular issues or potential risks of developing heart disease
  • information about heart disease prevention methods and lifestyle changes

For health professionals CardioX AI presents an opportunity to provide fast and accurate diagnosis to a patient backed by real life clinical data collected from hundreds of thousands of users and health providers.

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How does it work

1Where do you get information about my blood pressure?
CardioX estimates your AI BP (AI BP=Blood Pressure) by utilizing a powerful AI, that is enabled by hundreds of thousands of real patients health records and about 50 parameters extracted from your ECG. To achieve maximum learning capacity of the AI, we analyze your personal metrics, such as age and fitness level, as well as your ECG data, such as morphology of the waves and intervals, statistical ECG parameters and Heart Rate Variability.
2How do productivity and stress levels are calculated?
Productivity and Stress Levels are calculated based on numerous scientific papers and represent ratios of AI BP (AI BP=Blood Pressure) and Heart Rate obtained from your ECG, also your age and fitness level.
3What is normal blood pressure range by age?
The term Normal Blood Pressure is rather relative. Your Blood Pressure readings might vary quite a bit throughout the day and depend on your individual health characteristics. To ensure the most accurate AI BP (AI BP=Blood Pressure) readings in CardioX, we strongly recommend to calibrate the app with your personal Blood Pressure readings measured with a traditional tonometer.
4How accurate are your BP readings?
During testing phase we analyzed tens of thousands of AI BP (AI BP=Blood Pressure) readings and we can claim that out of 50 readings, at least 45 that were estimated by CardioX will vary from tonometer readings by less than 5%. Also, at least half of the CardioX readings were more accurate than readings measured by a tonometer.
5Why do i need to calibrate the app?
You are unique! Your eye and hair color, your fitness and energy level, the way your body reacts to changes of your surroundings. By calibrating the app, you will teach our AI your individual characteristics, which in turn will improve accuracy of your AI BP readings.
6Can someone else use the app on my phone?
CardioX allows you to switch between user accounts and keeps all account data and history when user logs out.
7Why AI BP in the app doesn’t match BP readings i get using a tonometer?
Most people believe that traditional Blood Pressure monitors (tonometers) are very precise. However, if you study instruction manual of any tonometer, you will learn that there are number of requirements that must be met in order to get the most accurate readings. Most manufacturers will ask you to ensure that you don’t eat or drink for at least 30 minutes before taking your BP measurements, and rest for at lest 15 minutes. Your feet must be flat on the floor with your arm on the table, so that cuff is at the same level as your heart. You should remove tight fitting clothes from your arm to ensure that cuff fits you properly. You should remain still and not talk during the measurement. Even if all above conditions are satisfied, there is still a 5-15% margin of error. This means that for an average systolic Blood Pressure measurement of 120 mm/Hg, a tonometer may show readings from 108 to 134 mmHg. To minimize margin of error, BP monitors manufacturers recommend to take 3 measurements and to calculate the average.
8Can i see all my AI BP readings in one place?
CardioX is a great tool to record and manage your AI BP (AI BP=Blood Pressure) data. The app lets you monitor changes in your readings overtime. Journal feature allows you to enter and store your AI BP readings and add notes. Use Reports feature to see the changes of your AI BP and factors that affect it.
9Do you share my data with 3rd party vendors?
No. We don’t share any data with 3d party vendors.
10Is my personal data and history secure in your app?
CardioX doesn’t keep your personal data. All data we collect is kept in a database on secure Google servers (Digital Ocean/Azure). We use the strongest encryption standard that protects your data when it is parsed over to the secure server. Every transmision is protected by a new encryption key that is only available to your device and Google server.

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