CardioX AI

is a network based platform that’s designed to perform complex analysis of users’ cardiovascular health.

It is comprised of the following elements:

  • Machine learning algorithms that allow to determine blood pressure based on a 10 second ECG interval.
  • Programming interface/API built to obtain health parameters, such as ECG, HR and more, from third party activity tracking devices.
  • Server program that processes and unifies all collected health parameters for further analysis.
  • Secure cloud database that stores all acquired data.
  • Mobile Application designed for end users to view and share their health parameters on the fly.

Initially, the main purpose of CardioX AI is to provide preliminary assessment of users’ cardiovascular health based on the ECG and HR data received from external activity tracking devices, such as sport watches and ECG monitors from leading manufacturers on the market. Additionally, CardioX AI estimates real time blood pressure reading by utilizing machine learning algorithms that analyze a short ECG interval.

CardioX AI can be widely used not only by regular consumers, but also by health professionals in their daily practice.

Our application is designed for end user to obtain information about their cardiovascular health based on the ECG interval:

  • Blood pressure reading and its dynamics
  • Any detected cardiovascular issues or potential risks of developing heart disease
  • information about heart disease prevention methods and lifestyle changes

For health professionals CardioX AI presents an opportunity to provide fast and accurate diagnosis to a patient backed by real life clinical data collected from hundreds of thousands of users and health providers.

Cardiox 101

Electrocardiogram is the gold standard in detecting and diagnosing abnormal cardiac activity such as arhythmia, ischemia, heart attack and more.

CardioX wearable ECG monitor tracks your heart rhythm each second and provides highly precise information technology your heart health.

This device is a must have for anyone with predisposition to heart disease or history of cardiovascularissues. But just technology anybody would find CardioX an excellent tool to monitor heart health every day.

CardioX is:

  • Extremely accurate
  • Designed for everyday use
  • Fits any lifestyle
  • Easy to use

As the world population pushing 7.5 billion and more people reaching old age, the number of deaths from cardiac disorders and heart-related conditions is on the rise. Truth to be told, heart failures, heart attacks and strokes are considered the key factors of premature death in the modern world. According to the statistics, the number of people living with cardiovascular disease has increased dramatically, as well as the number of deaths.
Is there a way to win this battle?

Typical cardiovascular health tests must be performed regularly in order to detect any abnormalities. In modern times, when people are consumed with work and taking care of their families, it’s hard to find time for a doctor’s visit. At the same time, all medical ECG tracking devices are very bulky and quite expensive to use on a regular basis.
This will change with compact wearable cardiac monitoring devices that are available not only for healthcare professionals but for ordinary people as well.

CardioX collects your cardiac activity data 24/7 that can be shared with your healthcare provider to further evaluate any risks of heart disease. It is now much easier to detect abnormal heart rhythm patterns that could lead to more serious issues in the future.

Besides tracking your heart rate and rhythm around the clock, CardioX will also spot any abnormalities that shouldn’t be ignored and need to be addressed.

CardioX is a smart tool designed for everyday use. It’s compact and can be worn 24/7 under any clothing garment. Take care of your heart while travelling, driving your kids to work or while enjoying a delicious meal with your family and friends. It will do the work while you are living your life!
This powerful device can also be used in cardiac in-patient facilities for routine examinations, as well as for urgent detection of potential risk factors.

Additionally, CardioX is an outstanding tool for athletes, continuously tracking heart rate and other metrics to maximize performance. It is completely waterproof, so you can sweat away and not worry about damaging the monitor.

With CardioX there’s no need to adjust to circumstances. Live your life to the fullest while taking care of your heart!

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