CardioX AI

is a network based platform that’s designed to perform complex analysis of users’ cardiovascular health.

It is comprised of the following elements:

  • Machine learning algorithms that allow to determine blood pressure based on a 10 second ECG interval.
  • Programming interface/API built to obtain health parameters, such as ECG, HR and more, from third party activity tracking devices.
  • Server program that processes and unifies all collected health parameters for further analysis.
  • Secure cloud database that stores all acquired data.
  • Mobile Application designed for end users to view and share their health parameters on the fly.

Initially, the main purpose of CardioX AI is to provide preliminary assessment of users’ cardiovascular health based on the ECG and HR data received from external activity tracking devices, such as sport watches and ECG monitors from leading manufacturers on the market. Additionally, CardioX AI estimates real time blood pressure reading by utilizing machine learning algorithms that analyze a short ECG interval.

CardioX AI can be widely used not only by regular consumers, but also by health professionals in their daily practice.

Our application is designed for end user to obtain information about their cardiovascular health based on the ECG interval:

  • Blood pressure reading and its dynamics
  • Any detected cardiovascular issues or potential risks of developing heart disease
  • information about heart disease prevention methods and lifestyle changes

For health professionals CardioX AI presents an opportunity to provide fast and accurate diagnosis to a patient backed by real life clinical data collected from hundreds of thousands of users and health providers.

Cardiox Ai

Cardiox Ai is a powerful neural network designed to analyze and interpret external health data

Web App

Cardiox ECG Monitor

Cardiox continuous ECG monitor provides real−time heart metrics for analisys


Hundreads of thousands clinical records and collected health parametrs are in a secure database

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Cardiox Device
Mobile App
Data Base

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