Neural Network is the heart of CardioX platform.

It is a complex of mathematical algorithms combined with machine learning designed to estimate AI BP (blood pressure) based on a short ECG interval.

CardioX was initially built as a complimentary service that interprets a 1 lead ECG produced by wearable devices, such as fitness trackers, smart watches and ECG monitors.

The service is available as a mobile app to anyone who wants to keep track of their heart health and monitor their AI BP without any additional devices.

Along with AI BP CardioX neural network also calculates all major Heart Rate Variability Parameters, such as SDNN (Standard deviation of the NN (R-R) intervals), RMSSD (Root mean square of the successive differences between normal heartbeats) and many more.

Additionally CardioX mobile app users can see their Productivity, Energy and Stress levels. We have analyzed hundreds of thousands of health records to achieve exceptional accuracy of the estimated parameters.

As the number of records grows, CardioX neural network performance improves with it .